Short Grain (copy)

Shuai and Corrie Wang, who started the Short Grain food truck in 2014, announced Stems & Skins will no longer be involved in their new restaurant, Jackrabbit Filly. Short Grain/Provided

Months before Jackrabbit Filly is expected to open in Park Circle, owners Shuai and Corrie Wang have announced Stems & Skins is no longer involved in the highly anticipated restaurant. 

The couple say "nothing dramatic" led to the change, though they didn't want to share specifics about why the partnership ended. 

“Simply put, our partnership had gone on fine for a long time,” Shaui Wang said. “At the end of the day, it just didn’t work out on the business end."

"As far as breakups go, it's the best you could hope for," his wife, Corrie, added.

The Wangs, who started the popular food truck Short Grains in 2014, previously were going to run Jackrabbit Filly with three co-owners of Stem & Skins, including Matt Tunstall, who was to be in charge of the beverage program.

"Going into a partnership is like a marriage and everything has to be perfect," Tunstall said. "We didn’t feel that way toward the end." 

Jackrabbit Filly is now on track to open in October at 4628 Spruill Ave. 

In terms of the restaurant, Shuai Wang says "nothing is changing in terms of the concept." 

He calls the menu "heritage-driven, new Chinese American." 

"A lot of the recipes are inspired by my mom and grandma," he said. 

Without Stems & Skins in the picture, though, the wine list will not be as expansive and Corrie Wang, whose role was formerly undetermined, will take on a manager position at the 55-seat restaurant. 

She said she isn't too fazed by the new plan. 

"It feels like par for the course when opening a restaurant," she said. "You face all these roadblocks, and this just feels like one more thing."  

During a years-long search for a location for the restaurant, the Wangs said they considered several partnerships. 

Now, they're on their own. And Corrie Wang said that it feels "a little meant to be." 

"It’s always been Corrie and I from the beginning," Shuai Wang said. "It’s going to be her and I at the end of the day."  

For now, the pair is focused on the next step. 

"It's been a fun and stressful journey," Corrie Wang said. "We're looking forward to getting those doors open." 

And their former partner, Matt Tunstall, said he's also looking forward to that day. 

"We’re really happy for them," he said. "And we’ll be the first people there when it opens." 

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