Mac-and-cheese eggroll

A Spring Roll Challenge at Johnson Family Farms on March 23 will allow competitors to do anything and everything in an egg roll for a shot at $1,000. 

Ellie Wall had heard about mac-and-cheese cook-offs and barbecue contests, but those struck her as far too restrictive for the McClellanville shindig she was planning: What if a competitor was more comfortable making cheesecake, or thought she could win with her chili recipe?

Wall decided she could make room for everyone by declaring a Spring Roll Challenge, scheduled for March 23. Any type of dish is eligible for the event, so long as it’s bundled in an egg roll wrapper and fried.

“Anything and everything can go into an egg roll, whether it’s a sweet treat or Southern cooking,” says Wall, owner of Boats N Hoagies Sandwich Shop.

Boats N Hoagies partnered with a number of other local businesses to host the challenge at Johnson Family Farms; the grand prize is $1,000. Fifteen competitors, including representatives of Buckshot’s, See Wee Restaurant and Sewee Outpost have already registered, but Wall is hoping to sign up another 5-10 cooks.

“My husband was going to do shrimp-and-grits egg rolls, but he has to work,” says Wall, who would also have entered if she didn’t have to man her sandwich shop.

According to Wall, each competitor will be allotted two hours to prepare 50 egg rolls; her husband will fry them for judges and event goers.

Thus far, Wall has heard that a resident doughnut maker is planning to submit a “sweet treat,” but she isn’t sure what else will end up wrapped and deep-fried. In addition to the contest, the event will feature food trucks, karaoke, sumo wrestling and Skee-Ball. “Very busy day at the farm,” she says.

Organizers have also arranged for live music to accompany the cooking.

“While the competition is going on, every song being played will have the word ‘roll’ in it to pump up the competitors,” Wall says. No telling what effect it will have on the wrestlers.

The Spring Roll Challenge at 10882 U.S. Highway 17 North starts at noon. For more information, call 843-887-3058 or e-mail

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