Kwei Fei

David Schuttenberg prepares a dish at Kwei Fei popup restaurant open every Friday and Saturday from 6 p.m. until Midnight at The Daily. Andrew J. Whitaker/ Staff

American-born eaters interested in global cuisines typically don’t indulge their curiosities before lunch, which means they miss on out on what many cultures consider the most important meal of the day. But David Schuttenberg of Kwei Fei is planning to soon give customers a chance to sample a traditional Southeast Asian breakfast.

Calling on his background at Fatty Crab, a lauded New York City restaurant that specialized in Malaysian flavors, Schuttenberg will prepare dishes, including the fried chicken-based nasi lemak, for a Sept. 27 pop-up at Daps, 280A Ashley Ave.

The full menu is still in development, but Schuttenberg guarantees it will include “some nice sour components.”

“The balance of sour, salty, sweet and spicy is the important part,” he says, adding, “I’m comfortable in that world,” partly because the Chinese cooking he does on a weekly basis is guided by a similar principle.

Although breakfast foods will form the backbone of the Kopi Tiam menu (the name’s Malay for coffeeshop), eaters won’t have to wake up early to try them. In keeping with Daps’ standard pop-up schedule, and all-day breakfast orientation, Schuttenberg’s dishes will be available from 5-10 p.m.

Next up for Schuttenberg is a reprise of the Mexican menu that he served over Cinco de Mayo weekend. To mark the end of summer, Kwei Fei this Friday and Saturday night will again have a Mexican theme, although Schuttenberg has tweaked a few of the dishes he previously offered so they don’t take so long to prepare.

Schuttenberg says regular customers have been asking for barbacoa and carnitas, which was the chef’s worry when he introduced the Cabrito Mexican Cantina alternative: “I told (my wife) Tina, what if everyone’s like, ‘You should be doing Mexican’?”

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