Quick, picture okra korma.

For eaters in the Eastern world, that’s a relatively easy task. But Fauzia Garner, owner of Kabob House in Goose Creek and a member of The Post and Courier’s Kitchen Cabinet, discovered many of her customers couldn’t immediately summon mental pictures of the iconic Afghani dishes on her menu. They gravitated instead to doner kebab, recognizing the meat cone on a spit from countless Greek diners and concession stands.

So Garner decided to provide diners with an instant illustration of her cookery by setting up a buffet. Now Kabob House diners can size up dishes before sampling them, and they’re freed from having to decide on just one of the tantalizing options.

“They’re trying more things,” says Garner, who rotates the selection on a regular basis (her rice pudding, though, is a near-constant.) On a recent visit, a few of the outstanding items included stewed eggplant, stuffed flatbread and a ruddy, soulful chicken korma that pooled its sauce with tender biryani.

Garner introduced the format in December; the buffet, available Monday-Saturday, is priced at $9.95.

“(It’s) for our Charleston people to learn more about Afghani food and culture, and our customers are very happy,” she says.

Kabob House is located at 5D S. Alliance Dr. For more information, call 843-797-3032.

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Eating all of the chicken livers just as fast as I can.