Green Goat grazes on penchant for local, homestyle (copy)

The Green Goat restaurant is at 1300 Savannah Highway.

It seems fitting for Kelly Ruff to close her restaurant The Green Goat after a final Mother's Day. 

A mother of two, the restaurant owner announced on Facebook that she will close after five years so she can spend more time with her children, who are 7 and 9.

"They are growing so fast and it's time for me to redirect my time on them," she wrote. 

A neighborhood favorite, the Green Goat was known for its specialty sandwiches and burgers. This final week, GG opens for happy hour at 3 p.m. and for weekend brunch at 11 a.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m. on Sunday. 

Ruff's farewell note encouraged friends and regulars to stop by this week before she closes for good. "Although I will not see you as frequently, I hope to see some of you this week and I look forward to bumping into you at the grocery store and around town." 

The Green Goat is located at 1300 Savannah Hwy. 

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