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Server Erica Alcox takes care of customers at Carolima’s off College Park Road in Goose Creek.

Like so many Lowcountry cities and towns, Goose Creek is growing, but it’s largely been left out of the dining renaissance occurring around it.

“The community wants more full-service restaurants where they can sit, order food, eat and be waited on by dedicated servers,” The (Goose Creek) Gazette last month explained in a front-page, above-the-fold story titled “Residents say ‘We want more restaurants’”

Goose Creek is not devoid of restaurants. Indeed, it’s home to the kind of places that downtown residents claim to covet, including a Brazilian buffet and multiple soul food restaurants serving deviled crab, lima beans and chewies. But economic development director Matt Brady says he’s concerned by how much money is lost to surrounding areas because Goose Creek’s restaurant scene represents a narrow sliver of the dining spectrum.

“We currently spend millions outside of the city, and more local choices will keep that money here,” Brady says.

While Brady concedes Goose Creekers enjoy not having to deal with the high rents and parking woes that are endemic to celebrated culinary districts, he believes rounding out the city’s restaurant list could further enhance their quality of life. “Our goal is to expand the options without changing the dynamics that make Goose Creek such a great place to live and raise a family,” he says.

According to Yelp, Tropical by Pacha Mama, Los Arcos Mexican Grill and Sushi 101 are the best restaurants in Goose Creek. Other restaurants cracking the top 10 list include two pizzerias, two barbecue joints and the Subway on St. James Avenue.

Brady says he hopes to entice both national chains and independently owned restaurants with data showing there are “over 100,000 people within a 15-minute drive” of Goose Creek.

“In five years, I see a diverse and thriving collection of eating establishments in Goose Creek,” Brady says. “We have a lot to offer restaurateurs and other entrepreneurs, and I’m excited to spread that message.”

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