Root Note food truck

The aloo gobi vegetarian burrito is one of Root Note food truck's most popular offering. Provided

For every brewery that opens, it seems about three food trucks follow. The symbiotic relationship works on many levels. For Josh Taylor of Root Note, the abundance of breweries that books food trucks made leaving a cushy corporate chef gig at MUSC much easier than it would have been a few years ago. 

He started rolling in December and took the full-time plunge in March. "I love having this truck," he says. "It's great. It's been amazing."

One aspect he appreciates is the ability to be sustainable and eco-conscious, something that was hard to achieve in a corporate setting. 

At Rusty Bull in North Charleston, brewers Brian Bogstad and Ben Mayer say Root Note has been popular with their customers. They have food trucks every Thursday through Saturday, and Root Note has been in the regular rotation.

"We sell out of the veggie burrito every time we're there," says Taylor, referring to the Aloo Gobi Burrito with curried cauliflower, roasted sweet potato, lentils, chick peas and chili-tamarind creme.

Root Note's concept, he says, is unique world cuisine presented in a friendly and recognizable way. Hence the Indian-spiced burrito and the tandoori chicken taco, and the Pho-Q tacos with adobo shredded pork, housemade pickles, pho chimichurri, and sriracha aioli. The pho part refers to the herbs they use, what you'd normally find in pho: chilis, cilantro, basil, lime and mint. A Filipino Adobo grilled cheese rounds out the menu. 

"Everywhere we go, a different thing pops off," says Taylor. "The aloo gobi vegetarian burrito, everyone freaks out about that thing."

In addition to Rusty Bull, Root Note has appeared at Munkle, Two Blokes and Low Tide. "All the breweries have been great and open to us considering we’ve been so new," he says. 

They'll be participating in the Charleston Beer Garden event on May 19 and will be getting out of the truck for a pop-up at Felix on May 21. 

This week, you can find them at Saturday's Cars on Kiawah event and the Sunday Brunch Farmer's Market at the Pour House. 

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