Although it’s scheduled in the heart of hurricane season, Charleston Beer Week has never been seriously disrupted by tropical storms since its creation in 2013. Irma, though, isn’t a stickler for tradition.

As of Saturday afternoon, 21 events had been pulled from the event calendar in deference to various weather forecasts.

“It stinks, because I know people were coming to town just for Charleston Beer Week, especially a lot of guest brewers and reps,” organizer Chrys Rynearson says.

Yet the week is still on track to feature more beers than tears, with Wednesday-Saturday programming largely intact. Additionally, Rynearson says a number of venues are planning to reschedule their events; updated information will be posted to In the meantime, he recommends ticketholders check the website before heading to an event.

COAST Brewing Company on Saturday morning hosted a kickoff disc golf tournament, as planned. More than 30 people worked their way through a temporary nine-hole course that wrapped around the brewery, then lunched on Maya Morrill’s sandwiches and pasta salad while organizers rearranged the holes prior to a second round of play. While the weather wasn’t the least bit problematic, save for the rare drive-disrupting gust of wind, players did have to contend with bold mosquito hordes.

But nobody seemed to mind, perhaps because people were sent out to the course with pints. Co-owner Jaime Tenney initially considered hosting the event at the Park Circle disc golf course, but realized it wouldn’t be possible to pour beer there. By moving the event back to the brewery, COAST was able to demonstrate what the best festival events prove: No matter how good food and drink get (and the moral of Charleston Beer Week, even in abbreviated form, is that South Carolina beer has gotten very good indeed), they still pair best with fun.

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