Charleston BRewery District

A gathering of brewers, via Twitter. 

The Charleston brewery district has formed, naturally, over pints of beer.

“Everyone is super excited to come together,” says Scott Shor of Edmund’s Oast, who took part in a recent gathering that had representatives from Revelry Brewing (Conroy Street near Morrison), Fatty’s Beer Works (1436 Meeting St.), Munkle Brewing Co. (1513 Meeting St.), Cooper River Brewing Co. (2201 Mechanic St.), Tradesman Brewing Co. (1647 King St. Ext.), Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co. (1505 King St. Ext.) and Lo-Fi Brewing (2038 Meeting Street Road). All of these breweries are located in the northern reaches of the peninsula, beginning with Revelry at Morrison Drive north all the way up to Lo-Fi on Meeting Street Road near the Spruill Avenue intersection.

Shor says he may have egged on the meeting, but the brewers are taking a democratic approach to promoting the burgeoning brewery district. “Within this tiny footprint, beer tourists can come to get a great cross-section of beer,” he says. It makes sense for the brewers to work together to bring attention to the area.

The group is working on a mission statement in addition to collaborating on beer, the first of which will be brewed at Edmund’s Oast Brewing. “We’re all working on a recipe together,” says Shor. “It should come out in February or early March and will include a release party.”

Expect to see plenty of cross-promotional efforts. “We have lots of cool stuff to show off to the world,” says Shor, who was one of the founders of Brewvival, an annual beer festival that has been canceled after eight years. Shor says that without Brewvival, the district has an opportunity to plan lots of premium beer events.

The district also has an opportunity to become an anchor for locals weary of the crowds and parking issues that plague the upper King Street area. As one part of town becomes oversaturated, another one inevitably pops up. The breweries are uber-casual with indoor/outdoor spaces that welcome dogs and accommodate large groups rather easily. Revelry has proven the formula works, and with so many breweries now open, it promises to become a fun destination. 

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