County wrestlers take next step in Carolina Invitational


Hanahan's Luke Mills was the top junior varsity wrestler at 152 pounds in the Area 8 Qualifier at Stratford High School on Saturday.

The Carolina Invitational state wrestling tournament cranked up on Saturday with local qualifiers all over South Carolina.

The Invitational serves as the state championships for middle school and junior varsity wrestlers.

The Area 8 qualifier for grapplers from Berkeley and Charleston counties was hosted by Stratford High School. Wrestlers that finished inside the top six of their respective weight classes earned spots in the Coastal Sectional on Saturday at Summerville High School.

Area 8 qualifiers will be joined in the sectional by Area 9 qualifiers, representing Dorchester, Colleton and Beaufort counties.

Hillcrest High School, Clover High School, Lugoff-Elgin High School and Marion High School will also host sectionals on Saturday.

The top three grapplers in each weight class move on to the Carolina Invitational on Saturday, Jan. 21 at Lexington High School.

Area 8 Qualifiers from Berkeley County

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Middle School - 80

First Place - Jackson Wilson, Berkeley

Third Place - Cohen Harlacher, Stratford

Middle School - 86

First Place - Jacen Kelly, Cane Bay

Second Place - Colton Pitcher, Cane Bay

Middle School - 92

First Place - Chandler Amaker, St. John’s Christian

Third Place - Tomas Palazuelos, Hanahan

Middle School - 98

Fourth Place - Caleb Toothman, Cane Bay

Fifth Place - Eli Raptu, Stratford

Middle School - 104

Second Place - Tristian Murray, Berkeley

Third Place - Evan Guerero, Goose Creek

Middle School - 110

First Place - Reed Stevenson, Hanahan

Middle School - 117

First Place - Roman Wadford, Timberland

Second Place - Luke Gadsden, Berkeley

Fourth Place - Gavin Martin, Hanahan

Middle School - 124

Second Place - Rivor Pratt, Stratford

Fourth Place - Andy Velez, Stratford

Sixth Place - Dave Lawhorn, Cane Bay

Middle School - 131

First Place - Logan Park, Cane Bay

Third Place - Arkie Freeman, Goose Creek

Fourth Place - Brian Bradrick, Cane Bay

Middle School - 138

First Place - Alec Howard, Hanahan

Second Place - Sean Price, Cane Bay

Middle School - 146

First Place - Allen Knight, Goose Creek

Middle School - 154

Second Place - Ray Roxes, Stratford

Third Place - Caden Dudley, Goose Creek

Middle School - 162

First Place - Isaiah Berry, Berkeley

Third Place - Hunter Elswick, Timberland

Fourth Place - Bryson Mitchell, Stratford

Middle School - 170

First Place - Alex Herriot, Hanahan

Middle School - 185

First Place - Brandon Evans, Berkeley

Second Place - E.J. Tyce, Hanahan

Middle School - 210

Second Place - Andrew Collins, Stratford

JV - 106

First Place - Chase Walsh, Goose Creek

Third Place - Nick Moran, Goose Creek

JV - 113

Second Place - Jose De La Cruz, Stratford

Third Place - Justin Mims, Hanahan

JV - 120

First Place - D’Angelo Gourdine, Goose Creek

Second Place - Sultan Simington, Goose Creek

Third Place - Darien Bowers, Cane Bay

Fifth Place - Dustin Irving, Stratford

Sixth Place - Ameen Mahmood, Hanahan

JV - 126

Fourth Place - Javier Melendez, Goose Creek

Fifth Place - Caleb Daughtery, Stratford

Sixth Place - Jon Bryant, Goose Creek

JV - 132

Second Place - Bryce Amoruso, Cane Bay

Third Place - Kalib Stewart, Cane Bay

Fifth Place - Preston Velez, Cane Bay

JV - 138

First Place - Cody Ladd, Cane Bay

Second Place - Ernest Bennett, Stratford

Third Place - Noah Albino, Stratford

Sixth Place - Hope Williamson, Goose Creek

JV - 145

First Place - Tyler Ravenell, Goose Creek

Second Place - Nick Meara, Stratford

JV - 152

First Place - Luke Mills, Hanahan

Third Place - Sam Cohen, Goose Creek

Fifth Place - James Lupton, Stratford

JV - 160

First Place - Matt Slayman, Stratford

Third Place - Justin Wyatt, Stratford

Fourth Place - Lindon Bryant, Stratford

JV - 170

First Place - Deonjuloe Francis Cane Bay

Fourth Place - Xavier Melendez, Goose Creek

Fifth Place - Carlyle Gainey, Stratford

JV - 182

Second Place - Daniel Dunavan, Goose Creek

Third Place - Matt Murray, Hanahan

Fourth Place - Michael Curtis, Goose Creek

JV - 220

First Place - Keyveon Bell, Hanahan

Second Place - Sam Bryant, Goose Creek

JV - 285

First Place - Dylan Shantie , Goose Creek

Third Place - Jameson Walker, Goose Creek

Fourth Place - Nick Tuccirone, Goose Creek