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LETTER: Schools not teaching racism issues properly

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To the Editor:

The following quote was published in the Sept. 7th, 2020 edition of Jr. Scholastic Magazine, “Systemic racism is embedded in all aspects of American society, including our laws, policies, industries, schools, and culture — and is something all of us are a part of.”

Scholastic’s classroom magazine in 2019 had a circulation of 15 million copies. How do you feel reading this? How do kids feel reading this?

Racism exists, it’s horrible and unacceptable, but to tell a child that their whole world and school is embedded with racism is unacceptable too.

“The pre-cursor to anti-bias, anti-racist work is the awakening that Whiteness is the deeply-held root of racism” quoted from the ‘Be About It’ program for teachers.

In my humble opinion, to teach that whiteness is the root of racism, is in itself racist.

These are just two real life examples of a corrupt message creeping into our school system, with other examples in all levels of education from elementary age through universities.

This is also creeping into our corporations and governments through ‘Critical Race Theory’ and I do believe there are political motivations behind this movement as well.

We find ourselves moving away from the idea of judging people on the content of their character, and instead being told to now see color and racism in everything everywhere.

The U.S. is a benevolent country, with more opportunity than anywhere on earth. The U.S. also has its challenges. Instead of making race the common denominator for all of our problems, let’s identify and focus on the true causes of people’s struggles.

Rather than promoting ideas that demonize people and our country, let’s promote a stronger neighborly community and unity as Americans.

As we move forward in these challenging times, I encourage parents, caregivers and family to pay attention to what your children are learning and teachers are teaching at school.

Let’s all strive to live by the Golden Rule. And remember, if you don’t teach your children the values and morals you cherish, someone else may teach them theirs.

Let’s keep schools, schools.

Brian Peacher