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LETTER: Mace makes right call on mob violence

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To the Editor :

As someone who voted for Joe Cunningham in 2018 and 2020, I have been pleasantly surprised by Congresswoman Nancy Mace and her actions since being sworn into congress.

Rep. Mace has shown us in her first few days as South Carolina’s Representative for the 1st Congressional District that an elected representative’s allegiance should not be to their party or the President of the United States, but rather to the constituency that they represent.

I applaud Rep. Mace for her courage to stand up to the President and her party in condemning the actions at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, and calling the event exactly what it was “A domestic terrorist threat.”

I hope that during her time in Congress that she will continue to be an advocate for bringing moral and ethical legislating back to the forefront of fair and equitable governance.

I also hope that regardless of party, that she works to hold those accountable who have openly attempted to undermine the stability of our democratic system.

Rep. Mace and I may be on different ends of the political ideology spectrum, but I do hold a great deal of respect for her and any member of Congress who stands up to those who attempt to topple the pillar of our precious democracy.

Jarred Robinson