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LETTER: Idea to abolishing history lessons misguided

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To the Editor:

Is Shawn K. Ford serious about abolishing teaching history? Are there any of your readers who were not taught about slavery in grammar school history classes? I strongly doubt it.

Ford’s column typifies the recent skepticism in the media about the state of our country. The actions of a few bad police officers (all suspended and being investigated) do not constitute “institutionalized racism” in the U.S. Blacks and other minorities have seen the greatest increases in employment preceding the coronavirus pandemic. Black and minority incomes have risen on a percentage basis greater than white incomes. 20 percent of U.S. marriages are interracial. Hardly institutionalized racism.

Black on Black violence dwarfs police violence against minorities. Single parent households compromise almost 70% of Black families in urban America. The advantages of two-parent families cannot be overstated. Social issues and not institutionalized racism are the cause of high rates of death among young Black men.

Recent riots in Portland, Minneapolis and now Wisconsin and elsewhere do not solve the problem. It is largely Black small businesses that get destroyed and Black communities that are gutted by the violence. Letting offenders out with a zero bail policy like in New York doesn’t help. The real story is not being reported.

Randy Henrick