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LETTER: Helping society

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To the Editor:

I read with great admiration the charity shown by some of South Carolina’s and the nation’s most wealthy. They are to be commended for their generosity and charity.

The article did cause me to ponder what I perceive as a hole in our societal structure that cause so many of our most vulnerable citizens to be dependent on charity, whether philanthropic or government supported.

Why is there such a disparity between the “haves” and the “have nots” in the wealthiest nation on Earth? I wish I had easy answers, but I know these are complex generational issues.

Nonetheless, many of these situations can be made better with some simple actions.

Stop allowing companies that do business in the U.S. to be taxed at favorable foreign tax rates with corporate loopholes.

Close the Social Security loophole that allows our wealthiest earners to pay no more into Social Security than someone earning $150,000 a year.

Let’s put the “social” and the “security” back into our society.

Those of us who have benefited most from our free society should happily contribute to insure it survives for our children and grandchildren.

I’m certain there are even better ideas out there. Let’s get those ideas to our elected officials and demand results.

Our very way of life is at a tipping point.

Aspirational hopes and dreams are great. They are even more powerful when coupled with action.

R.L. Pulley

Goose Creek