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Community celebrates Mother Middleton’s 99th birthday

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Members of Pineville, St. Stephen and other area communities began lining up 1:30 p.m., Feb. 13, at the St. Stephen I.G.A. Center, to join a long line of vehicles, traveling to celebrate the 99th birthday of Mother Elouise Middleton.

The procession was led by police cars, with firetrucks lighting up the back of the caravan.

The line of vehicles traveled from the St. Stephen IGA parking lot to 4812 North Highway 52, St. Stephen, where they circled the home of Mrs. Middleton’s daughter and son-in-law, Patricia, and Bernard Casey. Mrs. Middleton, warmly dressed, sat in a covered outdoor enclosure, as the many vehicles passed by to give her their good wishes.

The celebration was organized by daughter Patricia and she was supported by husband Bernard and family members Mike Segar, Jacquelin, and Jacquelin’s daughter, with Suzy as the videographer.

The videographer documented the amazing fact that there were 99 vehicles in the parade, excluding the Berkeley County, and St. Stephen police cars along with the St. Stephen Fire Department vehicles.

Occupants of every vehicle were treated to a dinner, with dessert and a choice of water or soft drink of their choice, as they circled the home. The organizers of the event were extremely generous to parade participants, and parade participants were all incredibly pleased to be able to contribute to the success of the day.

Congratulations to those that took the time to show love and support to Mother Middleton. She turned 99 on Wednesday, February 16th, but to accommodate the participation of neighbors and friends, the celebration was conducted on Saturday, February 14th. Daughter Patricia is a loving, thoughtful, and Christian hearted individual who gives freely of her time and talents to many. Community members were honored to be asked to show up for the special birthday celebration, utilizing CPVIC-19 restrictions. We pray that Mother Middleton will enjoy many more joyous birthday celebrations.

Dr. Leo Twiggs Scholarship Fund

The committee formed to celebrate the “Dr. Leo Francis Twiggs Day”, in St. Stephen, completed the event on February 15, 2020, and with the establishment of a Foundation in his name, is now ready to issue the first of many scholarships to area students. Information has been sent to high school counselors with applications to share with students for submission to the foundation by April 30, 2021. Completed applications are to be sent to the Dr. Leo Twiggs Foundation, P. O. Box 164, St. Stephen, SC 29479, attention Mrs. Beatrice Brown.

Individuals, groups, businesses, etc. interested in contributing to the fund, to ensure the ability of the foundation to continue providing scholarships annually, are encouraged to support the fund by sending contributions to the above address. Rev. Dr. George West is Foundation Chairman, and MSG (retired) Bobby Matthews, is Finance Chairman. Contributions of all sizes/amounts are welcomed.

Send items of interest to Yvonne Barnes, 1458 Colonel Maham Dr., Pineville, SC 29468, or email