Suit claims Berkeley inmates were victims of unnecessary pelvic exams

Jail and company hired to care for inmates being sued

A lawsuit claims some inmates received unnecessary Pap smears while in custody.

A medical malpractice lawsuit filed in June names the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office, a nurse and the company he works for as defendants after inmates claim they were victims of unnecessary pelvic exams.

Court papers say Alexander Lluvera, a male LPN, was giving Pap-smears that were not prescribed and not needed. Lluvera is an employee of Correct Care Solutions LLC.

The summons states that the employee did the procedures without supervision. The lawsuit also alleges the defendants continued to employ the Lluvera despite actual knowledge of allegations of inappropriate and unnecessary medical exams, and continued to allow him access to the inmates.

The suit claims the jail failed to properly protect inmates at the jail. The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office was asked about the suit filed June 3 but was told the agency could not comment on the matter.

There are incidents that include incarcerated female patients, suffering from anxiety, going to Lluvera and getting Pap smears and pelvic exams. Documents show patients had injuries which did not require such medical exams. 

The patients were also never given results of the procedures, according to court documents; there's also no information from the company that the exams were ever sent for testing.