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SMITH: The ridiculousness of GA legislator Greene

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Readers: Breaking news being what it is, this may be moot by now. One can only hope.

I stay out of politics on this page. Ain’t worth it.

What I do is stay informed, vote my conscience and keep my mouth shut. Because 1) Nothing I write will change a mind that’s made up, and 2) My husband gets mortified if I dip my columnist’s toe into politics. Also, 3) My parents preached that discussing politics, religion and money was vulgar. (They said nada about sex, and the older I get the funnier that is.)

I tell you this to explain why, despite all of the above, I’m publicly inviting Marjorie Taylor Greene to march briskly into Hell.

Less than a month after being sworn into office, this conspiracy-theorist, QAnon-supporting, GOP representative from Georgia has revealed herself to be a lunatic. This normally takes several terms to accomplish. Congrats on that, Marj.

Here’s a sampling of her nuttiness: She claims Hillary & Co. ran a child-sex ring out of a D.C. pizza parlor. (Anyone who actually believes that should stop reading this and put out a BOLO on your mind, because it’s gone.) She called George Soros, a Jewish businessman and Holocaust survivor, a Nazi.

Most of her rantings are on Facebook, where Ol’ Marjorie supported executing prominent Democratic politicians. She suggests the death of JFK Jr. in 1999 was a “Clinton murder” because he was a possible rival for Clinton’s New York senate seat. She thinks California’s deadly Camp Fire blaze was caused by “space solar generators” in a scheme involving California Governor Jerry Brown and Rothschild & Co.

And—wait for it—she says the murders of innocent children and adults at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida and Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut didn’t really happen. Instead, they were staged events, “false flags” planted by Democrats to encourage gun control.


Tell that to my then-15-year-old nephew who ran for his life down the firstfloor freshman hall at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas.

Tell that to his anguished father, mother and twin, who were 3,000 miles away when the text came in: Dad, active shooter.

Tell that to the therapist to whom my nephew said, “What I heard was worse  than what I saw.”

Screams. Gunfire. Teachers sobbing as they shouted for students to evacuate.

School shootings are real, Marjorie.

(My teenage niece would call you a crazy bish, but that’s unfair to crazy bishes.)

You are quite possibly clinically insane.

You called Parkland survivor David Hogg “a coward” and “little Hitler,” and a 2019 video shows you following and taunting him.

According to recent updates, Ms. Crazypants has now “distanced herself from these views.”

Nice try.

Democrats successfully censured Greene by removing her from her committee roles, essentially making her useless in Congress.

Parents of murdered students have condemned her remarks and demanded her resignation.

Rep. Jahana Hayes (D-Conn.), who represents Sandy Hook, urged GOP leaders not to seat Greene on the Education Committee, to no avail.

Let that sink in: The woman who thinks school shootings are a hoax sat briefly on a national education panel.

And finally… Greene’s Twitter account was disabled for 12 hours on Jan. 17. The next day she sniped at the Twitter police: “Contrary to how highly you think of yourself and your moral platitudes, you are not the judge of humanity. God is.”

Bish, please.

If you indeed believe God will judge your humanity, or lack thereof, maybe you should hit your knees ASAP. Because you’ve got some explaining to do.

Julie R. Smith, who’s a loving aunt, can be reached at