County nears completion of dirt-to-road paving projects from 2008 referendum

More than a decade after county voters approved funding for vital road-paving projects across the county, the county said it’s wrapping up those projects.

By the end of July, crews expect to complete a group of five dirt-to-pave (DTP) projects funded by the 2008 one-cent sales tax referendum. The particular program identifies which county dirt /gravel roads — most in rural communities — need paving.

A group of roads named in the 2008 DTP program are listed below, with their respective schedules. These are five of the 28 DTP roads identified in the referendum; together the projects cost $2.3 million and span 21.5 miles. The price tag also includes inspection and construction, the county said.

  • Timberline Way
  • (Pineville)

Length = 0.7 mi.

Construction: February 2019 — April 2019

  • Fauling Road
  • (St. Stephen)

Length = 1.14 mi. (including Potter Road)

Construction: February 2019 — April 2019

  • Starks Croker Drive
  • (Russellville)

Length = 0.6 mi.

Construction: February 2019 – April 2019

  • Coaxum Road
  • (Moncks Corner)

Length = 0.3 mi.

Construction: February 2019- May 2019

  • Jacob Piland Road
  • (Moncks Corner)

Length = 0.7 mi.

Construction: April 2019- End of July 2019

After completion of these five DTP roads, there will be five more roads remaining from the 2008 referendum at a cost of $3.5 million, according to the county. These roads, currently in the design or right-of-way acquisition planning stages, include Beulah Tabernacle Road (Forty-One), England Road (Moncks Corner), Ambassador Avenue (Longridge), Benjamin Drive (Whitesville) and Dennis Drive (Goose Creek).

Specificially, Beulah Tabernacle and England roads and Ambassador Avenue will be bid out in September. Work on Benjamin and Dennis drives will be bid out early 2020.

The following DTP roads from the 2008 one-cent sales tax referendum have been completed:

  • Farm Hill Circle (Cross)
  • Zion Road (Cross)
  • Firehouse Road (Russellville)
  • Calestown Road (Alvin)
  • Tobacco Road (St. Stephen)
  • Blanding Road (Forty- One)
  • Wilder Road (Forty- One)
  • Avery Drive (Moncks Corner)
  • George Wigfall Road (Cross)
  • Mourning Dove Court (Bonneau)
  • Crawford Road (Macedonia)
  • Spring Pond Road (Alvin)
  • Mitchum Town Road (Bethera)
  • Green Bay Road (Huger)
  • Moultrie Lane (Cainhoy)
  • Arthur Gillins Road (Moncks Corner)
  • Fennick Drive (Moncks Corner)
  • Stevensridge Lane (Moncks Corner)

2014 referendum

A second one-cent sales tax referendum in 2014 identified 59 dirt and gravel roads in need of $17 million worth of work. Together the roads total 15 miles.

The county said Tuesday it plans to design and construct many of the DTP roads, through either in-house work from Roads and Bridges and/or Engineering departments, outsourcing with a contracting company or combined efforts.

Work has already commenced, and should be completed in six to nine months, on five Huger-area roads: Frances and Mary streets, Tracy Road, Radford Lane and Hunt Drive. While work is being outsourced on those roads, the county said its Roads and Bridges Department is conducting all construction and paving efforts.

Paving plans are still being developed for the remaining 54 DTP road projects. Listed in alphabetical order, they include the following roads:

  • Arquat Lane (Strawberry)
  • Ballentine Street (Moncks Corner)
  • Barnyard Road (Macedonia)
  • Berry Road (Strawberry)
  • Bridle Lane (Whitesville)
  • Britt Drive (Jamestown)
  • Cannon Court (Whitesville)
  • Caroline Drive (Cross)
  • Cherrywood Drive (Jedburg)
  • Childsbury Drive (Cordesville)
  • Christ Temple Road (Strawberry)
  • Churchhill Road (Pimlico)
  • Collins Hill Lane (Cainhoy)
  • Constitution Avenue (Huger)
  • Countryside Way (Jedburg)
  • Crawdad Court (Cordesville)
  • Crest Lane (St. Stephen)
  • Dewey Drive (Whitesville)
  • Fall Street (Whitesville)
  • Felix Lane (Summerville)
  • Four Acre Lane (Whitesville)
  • Galloway Court (Whitesville)
  • Georgiana Drive (Cross)
  • Greenleaf Drive (Jamestown)
  • Harlock Drive (Moncks Corner)
  • Heyward Lane (Moncks Corner)
  • Jasper Lane (Sandridge)
  • Jelly Rolls Road (Cordesville)
  • Junior Lane (Strawberry)
  • Kale Street (Moncks Corner)
  • Marvel Oak Circle (Ladson)
  • McElveen Avenue (Moncks Corner)
  • Memory Lane (Whitesville)
  • Millwood Loop (Jamestown)
  • Morrison Drive (Goose Creek)
  • Oaklawn Drive (Strawberry)
  • Old Parker Road (Sandridge)
  • Orvin Street (St. Stephen)
  • Osprey Drive (Cordesville)
  • Paslay Drive (Goose Creek)
  • Ranch Drive (Moncks Corner)
  • Rebecca Lane (Strawberry)
  • Sanders McNeil Road (Cordesville)
  • Schurlknight Road (Alvin)
  • Sheriff’s Lane (Moncks Corner)
  • Steelshed Land (Jamestown)
  • Striper Avenue (Pimlico)
  • Telfair Road (Whitesville)
  • Tiger’s Den Lane (Strawberry)
  • Tom Conley Park Road (Ladson)
  • Tuxbury Farm Road (Wando)
  • Upton Road (St. Stephen)
  • View Street (Cordesville)
  • Water Pointe Avenue (Jamestown)