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Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office releases crime data

Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office releases crime data

In 2021 the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office reports the agency had129,857 calls for service.

Recently the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office released crime data from across the county in 2021. At 1,229 square miles, Berkeley County is the 3rd largest county in South Carolina and had over 100,000 calls for service across the county. The sheriff’s office is headquartered in Moncks Corner, but it now has six substations across the county. Most recently opening one up in the Sangaree area.

The 2021 report shows the uniform patrol division provides 24 hour coverage, seven days a week. Deputies are assigned to permanent 12 hour shifts. Each shift is led by a shift Sergeant and Lieutenant. Deputies are assigned to patrol zones which are divided between the South and North areas of the county. In 2021, deputies in the county made 129,857 calls for service.

The calls obviously vary in seriousness. The sheriff’s office reports their criminal investigations, which include crimes against persons, property crimes, domestic violence, child/ elder abuse, financial crimes and crimes perpetrated by sex offenders.

Of those, there were 2,074 cases assigned, 157 were cleared by arrest, 275 cases were called exceptionally cleared, 134 were determined to be unfounded, 632 were administratively closed. Total cases cleared a total of 566.

The Drug Enforcement Task Force is staffed by detectives from the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office, the Goose Creek Police Department, the Moncks Corner Police Department, and the Hanahan Police Department made 160 arrests in 2021 with seizures that include 36 grams of cocaine, 2,183 grams of marijuana, 1,180 grams of meth and 539 grams of fentanyl.

The agency reports that 21 percent of the inmates in the county detention center were there on drug charges in 2021. The second highest were traffic offenses at 14 percent.

The BCSO annual report shows that its traffic unit was involved in 55 traffic checkpoints and had 45 DUI arrests in 2021.

The annual report also gave numbers for the department’s school resource officers (SRO). Deputies are assigned to five high schools, seven middle schools, three elementary schools and one charters school within the County. During 2020-2021 school year, 120 arrests were made by SRO’s in these schools.

The report shows the arrests include 10 for controlled substances, 56 assault/battery, 12 arrests for weapons, seven for criminal sexual conduct, 12 for larceny, seven for vandalism, one CDV, two for pulling a fire alarm.

The report shows that in 2021 n 2021, the K-9 unit combined, responded to 4,519 calls for service, and responded 287 times to other agencies to assist them, resulting in 214 arrests, 144 tracks, the unit conducted 58 searches for articles or hiding persons, seized 78 firearms, seized $27,049.

The K-9 unit found 884 grams of marijuana, 303 grams of meth, 59 grams of heroin, and 137 grams of cocaine.

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office started a litter pick-up program in 2015. Prisoners who are classified as trustees, volunteer to participate in this program. Under the supervision of detention officers. The agency reports that in 2021 the trustees picked up 82,980 pounds of trash from public areas.

The Sheriff's Office reports it is very active in social media with 75,000 followers on Facebook and 8,000 followers on Twitter.