CSU baseball players visit Boulder Bluff Elementary

CSU baseball players visit Boulder Bluff Elementary

Owen Stephenson talks with Seth Owens.

Boulder Bluff Elementary had guest readers on Friday February 7th. The Charleston Southern baseball team visited the kindergarten and first grade classrooms to read to the children as well as answer questions from the students.

The program began this year and was the idea of kindergarten teacher Santana Gemini. She said that she wanted to give her students the chance to talk and interact with someone from outside of the school and learn from someone other than their teacher.

"They absolutely love having the players and the players love coming here," Gemini said.

Gemini also said that the players have a lot of effect on the students when they visit.

"The influence of someone who is older is so impactful to them," Gemini said.

The players said that the visits have also impacted them as well.

"It's awesome, it's been a highlight," said senior Seth Owens.

Owens also said that student-athletes need to be visible and a person kids should want to be like.

"When you're a college athlete you need to be a role model and be someone kids can look up to," Owens said.

CSU baseball coach George Schaefer said that reading to the students is an opportunity for his players to give back to the community. He also said that student athletes have a great opportunity to be a good role model for young children in the community.

"Every opportunity we have to give back it means a lot," Schaefer said. "We want to be a presence in the community."