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Virus changing the way we live

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There’s not much to write about with the schools closed, meetings canceled and churches not having service or other activities.

With this virus in our state, country and so many other countries it seems as though we are at war. We are battling something that’s not human but is destroying human life.

Stores have sold out a lot of items, shelves empty. Two weeks ago many were wondering why some items were sold out when it had nothing to do with the virus but maybe people were already thinking about everyone being quarantined.

This virus is something to really think about; is it a way of downsizing the population or might it be that God is telling us that we have not listened to his word. It’s just a thought that we should, as they say, ponder over.


Cypress Gardens, like many other places, is closed until further notice. Hopefully it will be open for its Spring Plant Sale on April 25, and the seventh annual Blackwater Ukulele Festival on May 9. All proceeds from the festival will go to the Magdalene House of Charleston.

Prayer List

Continue to pray for Ted Caddell, Sarah Jackson, Belma Price, Hugh and Judy Phillips, Cindy Gaskins, Will Garton, Bubba Mitchum, Wade Crowover, Tina Mims and Danny Mims, Christy Meade, Bill and Judy Burke, Timothy Meade, Ada Giggleman, firefighters, first-responders, law enforcement, military, those grieving, our community and country.

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