First baby born in Berkeley County hospital in 45 years

First baby born in Berkeley County hospital in 45 years

Morgan Sellers and Raykuan Jefferson look over their newborn son, Justice.

The first baby born in a hospital in Berkeley County in 45 years came into the world at 7:15 a.m. on Friday.

Justice Jefferson was born to Morgan Sellers, 19, and Raykuan Jefferson, 20, at the brand new Roper St. Francis Berkeley Hospital in Moncks Corner.

Technically, other babies have been born at local hospitals, but little Justice was the first scheduled birth.

Dennaysha Taylor, now 16 and a student at Berkeley High School, was born at the hospital in Moncks Corner to Valerie Taylor in 2003. Dennaysha’s grandmother, Doretha Taylor, called the Berkeley Independent Friday for an update about the unexpected arrival 16 years ago.

At the new Roper St. Francis Berkeley Hospital in Moncks Corner, Jefferson and Sellers were beaming with pride as they looked at their newborn son. Jefferson said that he is proud to have his son be the first baby born in a Berkeley County in many years. He said that he already knows that his son is going to do great things.

“He’s gonna be something that’s all I can say,” Jefferson said looking at his son. “He’s my boy, I love him.”

Sellers said that she knew there was a possibility that her son could be first but she was not focused on that at the time.

“I thought it would be cool but it wasn’t a competition,” Sellers said.

Sellers and Jefferson are both from Cross and said that they were thankful for the new hospital. They said that had Roper St. Francis not opened a new hospital they would have had to drive almost an hour to West Ashley to have their son.

Justice was supposed to be born on Tuesday, and Dr. Felix Akinbote decided to induce labor. He admitted that he was eager to get to work on the first day of operation at the new hospital.

“I’m a big fan of when I’m at work do some work,” Akinbote said.

Akinbote praised the new facility saying that the hospital is one of the best and everything is completely brand new.

CEO Lorraine Lutton said that the new hospital is going to able to help a lot of families in the Moncks Corner area.

She said that Roper St. Francis always wants to provide the best care and it is wonderful to be able to do it in Moncks Corner.

“We think it is wonderful to provide top quality care locally,” Lutton said.

Lutton also said that it is great to celebrate the birth of Justice because not only does it celebrate the child and the parents but also all of the work that has been done to make the Roper St. Francis Berkeley Hospital possible.

“We think celebration of milestones is important to commemorate all of the hard work that made all of this possible,” Lutton explained.