They arrived at an apartment with guns drawn, forced two men inside where a 3-year-old little girl slept and then threatened to kill the men.

A Berkeley County jury found 33-year-old Clarence Fishburne and 21-year-old Douglas Thompson guilty of first-degree burglary, armed robbery and kidnapping in the August 2010 home invasion on Harbor Lake Drive. Circuit Court Jude Kristi Lea Harrington sentenced Fishburne to 20 years in prison and Thompson, who had no prior criminal record, to 15 years.

A third suspect in the case fled on foot that night, and authorities have yet to identify him.

Trial testimony revealed that one of the attackers first placed one of the victims in a choke hold as the intruders demanded money, prosecutors said. The attackers then took the men’s wallets and then forced them into the apartment.

The one resident’s pregnant wife ran out, but their 3-year-old daughter slept upstairs, where the intruders forced the men to go, according to prosecutors. A third man stood watch downstairs, while the other two ordered the residents to get down on their knees.

Prosecutors said the men demanded money and threatened to kill their hostages. A female neighbor rushed inside to check on the 3-year-old girl, startling the intruders.

They fled with wallets, cell phones and a laptop.

A Berkeley County sheriff’s deputy responding to a neighbor’s 911 call saw Fishburne, Thompson and the third man walking along Harbor Lake Drive near the apartment with the stolen laptop in Thompson’s hands. They found two stolen cell phones on Fishburne and Fishburne’s phone on the floor of the apartment where the attack took place.

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