jestinesAs of this weekend, Jestine’s Sweet Shop remained open, but it remains unclear why Jestine’s Kitchen closed without warning on Thursday, and whether the popular restaurant plans to re-open. A Sweet Shop staffer refused to comment on the situation, but a man in the shop who identified himself as a friend of its employees said they’re as curious as the general public about what prompted the abrupt closure for unscheduled and unspecified renovations. Although messages left on the restaurant’s voicemail and with the Sweet Shop for owner Dana Berlin Strange weren’t returned, rumors that the closure could be prolonged or permanent are swirling on social media. According to a TripAdvisor review posted by a diner who claimed to have lunched at the restaurant on Thursday, Strange shut down the restaurant just as her party reached the front of the notoriously long line. As she tells it (ellipses and all), “’Dana’ came out to us and all the other hungry and hot customers and says to us, that she was sorry, but the restaurant was closed......WHAT???? Everyone was so upset. Well, being we were next in line I approached Dana and I said, do you remember me and she said ,"YES", but I'm closing the restaurant indefinitely.........She said, I'm NEVER COMING BACK. The restaurant is closed forever!!!!!!” The TripAdvisor reviewer reported feeling “furious” and “mad,” emotions likely shared by Jestine’s employees who reacted to the news on Twitter and Facebook. “Help I need a job, Help I’ll take any job,” Belinda Kowalski, a longtime server, wrote on Facebook. “Help I need a jobbbbbb.”