Tricked out interiors, mega rims, hip-hop jams headline Ruff Rhinos car show

Jay Ravenel holds his daughter Zylajah, 2, in his blue and yellow Dodge Magnum on display at the Ruff Rhinos car show Aug. 23 at Chil N Grill.

The car club titles are distinctive – Flawlezz Charleston, Ruff Ryder, SC Rhinos – and the members’ nicknames creative, from Big Daddy to Rican Havoc.

Then there are the rides, fine-tuned Dodge Chargers, muscular Chevy Silverados, intricately painted Mercury Grand Marquises, a Ford Flex “black widow” in San Francisco 49ers colors, a modified 2002 GMC with flip-up doors and 18 TVs.

Call it a wide open display of spinning rims and rap music tied to a compelling theme, Stop the violence.

The event is the Ruff Rhinos car show, last held Aug. 23 at Chill N Grill in North Charleston. Similar shows sponsored by SC Rhinos take place twice a month.

“I’ve been doing car shows for 15 years now,” said Tereze “Untamed” Legare, president of South Carolina Rhinos car club, who organized the show with fellow gear head CJ Street Glow.

“I wanted to be more ‘stop the violence’ than anywhere else,” Legare said.

He spent much of the six-hour event directing drivers from Ashley Phosphate Road to parking spaces to show off their tricked out coupes, trucks and modern-day muscle cars.

Jose “Rican Havoc” Riverz brought two sets of wheels including an artwork-covered 2011 Dodge Ram truck with 28-inch rims. He also unveiled a 6-year-old red Australian Holden (Pontiac G8 in the U.S.) in which he “put in a real engine,” a powerful Corvette LS2. He claims the car travels 0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds.

Brandon Roberts, in town from California visiting relatives, boasted a lime green 2003 Chrysler 300. “It’s just something different,” said Roberts, noting that the 12-year-old sedan doesn’t resemble the wide-bodied style of today’s iconic 300.

“You don’t see that many before the body change,” he said.

Dylan Causey drove a 2014 Toyota Tacoma to the show, bringing a group of friends from Walterboro who drove their Silverados, Tacomas and Ford F-150s.

“I’m big into truck stuff,” he said, pointing out that he’s going to a NOPI (Number One Parts Inc.) super-show in Atlanta in November.

The Ruff Rhinos show revolved around owners showing off their rides and DJs mixing sounds. At one point, an impromptu “wobble” dance broke out to V.I.C.’s catchy Wobble Baby tune.

Erick Jenkins of North Charleston wiped rain drops off his black 2014 Charger with a cloth after a shower passed over.

“I like the body style,” he said. “It’s an old school Dodge (that’s) come back. It’s a muscle car.”

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