The Sexiest Cars on the Road: Turn them on and they return the favor

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Now that I have your attention and let’s face it, marketing anything is about grabbing the attention of the reader or consumer. No one does that better than car manufacturers. Some auto commercials use camera tricks – slow motion close-up shots of the lines and curves of a car. Others show beautiful people getting out of beautiful cars.

The message is: Buy this and this will be your life. In the logical parts of our brains, we know that a car can’t make that happen. The emotional parts trigger a response that, for a moment says, “Well maybe it will.”

And, that’s what gets us. Branding is as crucial as the car itself.

For most of us, our autos are like mini homes. We spend about as much time in them as in our homes (it feels like that sometimes) and they’re a part of us. For those lucky enough to buy those vehicles that fall into what I call the “sexy class,” maybe it is a little life changing when you get in and turn them on.

Here are some of my favorites in no particular order.

The Aston Martin Volante VI DB 11 ALH

Sean Connery made the Aston Martin (DB5) even sexier when he drove it in the movie, Goldfinger. The new 2019 Aston Martin Volante is in that same category. I think of twilight evenings, cocktail hour attire and martinis, shaken not stirred. Though that martini would be once I get home and I’m in for the evening. I could just park in my driveway and sit there and it would still rate on the sexy scale. Pick up a 2019 convertible for around $216, 495.

Jaguar F Type

It’s been called the world’s sexiest car, with its long hood and sleek appearance, much like its animalistic namesake. Though the 2019 has a tiny trunk according to “cons” listed by Car and Driver, but who cares really? This is the kind of car where you toss a tiny bag in the trunk for an impromptu weekend getaway, crank up the radio and drive off into the sunset. Like that sunset, it’s a sight to behold. Price starts at $60,750.

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

Super sexy sports car? Yes, please. Though discontinued in 2015, it is still available as a convertible and a coupe. Car and Driver touts it as being an “incredibly fast and rare supercar.” The Black series has a base price of $250,000 but Car and Driver claims driving it is a physical experience. Aggressive, fast and with a 6.2 liter VI engine and those uber cool gull-wing doors, it’s a showstopper and that’s what sexy is all about.

Porsche 911

The 1970 Porsche 917k is the most expensive Porsche of all time, selling for $14,080,000 in Pebble Beach, California in 2017. The 911 GT2 RS is the fastest at top speeds of 211 mph. As I perused the worldwide web for the extensive research, I did to compile my sexy car list, I ran across a blog that cited a 2014 Insure study of 2,000 men and women. The study found that both sexes rated the Porsche among the top three sports cars of what “attractive” people drive. I don’t know about that, but I do know one probably feels more attractive driving one. I drove a gold one for a time and admittedly, I felt more attractive and very cool. Perhaps it was my beaming smile as glided down the roads. The Miami Blue Speedster goes much better with my hair though. Pick one of 1,948 units made for around $275,750.

Mayback Exelero

This car looks other-worldly, mysterious with a Batman-like type quality to it. I think of old charm elegance with a bit of vroom-vroom sexy confidence when I look at it. I’m sure driving it would be even better since it has a twin turbo V12 engine with reported speeds of 218 mph. I’ve not seen any of these on the road, but I’ll be looking for one now. It’s been featured in videos and someone once bought one for $8 million.

Alfa Romeo Spyder

This beautiful Italian sports car goes from 0 to 60 in 4.1 seconds. Car and Driver cites it as being “perfectly tuned for carving up a twisty back road,” which is how you like to drive one of these babies. Part of its sexy charm is its old-school interior. There’s a basic stereo system and none of that pesky infotainment distraction to get in the way of the wind-in-your-hair, devil-may-car ride down the road you’ll have while the seat hugs you into happy cruising. Price begins at $67,150.

Acura NSX

U. S. World News ranked this as their No. 10 luxury sports cars and said the 2019 model was superior to the 2017 and 2018 models. Sports car are sexy but who knew Honda would produce such a car? They did and with a twin-turbo V6 engine, it looks spectacular – “an art-in-motion supercar that offers lightening quick acceleration at any speed.” I’d call that sexy and it’s price starts at $160,000.

Audi R8

Known as an everyday supercar, this V10 dream car has even more horsepower in the 2020 model. Garnering 5-star ratings from Car and Driver and other reputable car aficionado type experts, it’s one of those cars where you just feel better after your turn it on and take a drive in it. It’s a smooth operator type car and that’s why it made my list. Price starts at $169,900.

There are so many others – Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini – but my space is limited. Besides, I can’t be distracted by all these sexy cars any longer. I’ve got work to do and afterwards, I have to take my Honda Accord in for an oil change and check that darn orange key thingy light that keeps blinking at me. How’s that for sexy?

Be safe out there.

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