They're up to 90 years old and can be a little testy. Yet these classics go out on the town and shine during their worldwide anniversary.

That's International Model "A" Ford Day, which took place Sept. 22. A group of Model A's in the Charleston area gathered for an informal car show to celebrate.

"An impressive selection of vehicles from the LowCountry Model "A" Ford Club and other guest vehicles" — 16 in all — "were displayed at Palmetto Ford in West Ashley," said Lloyd F. Morley II, club treasurer and owner of a 1930 Model A Ford Victoria. "This was one of the first," he said. The identification marking on his Victoria, a model introduced in 1930, makes it the 13th oldest, Morley said.

Manufactured a relatively short time from 1928 to 1931 as the Model T's successor, the Model A sold in huge numbers for that era. More than 4.8 million were produced in four years. Today, the richly styled Model A's are among the most common pre-World War II collector editions.

"All owners around the world are encouraged to drive and enjoy their vintage cars on one special day in September," which this year was the 22nd, according to Morley. The club also welcomed the public "to view and learn about this four-year product span of Ford Motor Company."

The club says Palmetto Ford has graciously set aside space for the past six years upfront for the Model A's to converge for a few hours each international day. Along with the Model A's, the Saturday event included a Model T parked alongside the dealership.

There were various types of Model A's, including a pickup truck, vehicles with Charleston lettering attached to the grilles, a well-appointed model with an oversized teddy bear riding in the rumble seat, and Doug Skinner's low-slung 1930 Ford Speedster.

"It will go over 60 (mph)," he said.

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