As a salute to Veterans Day, I thought I’d pay tribute to veterans by writing about one of the best American-made cars ever built – the Mustang.

My father rebuilt me a classic Mustang when I was in high school. It had a V8 engine so keeping it in the slow lane was difficult.

Most Mustang die-hard claim the 1968’s movie, “Bullitt,” with Steve McQueen has the best car chase scene ever. McQueen was the star, but maybe the bigger one was the Highland Green Mustang Highback. Many believe it was and still is the best Mustang – ever.

A book by GQ, “A Stylish Guide to the Best Cars Ever Made,” has a chapter about this iconic car. The writer of the book actually got to sit in the Bullitt car that “enjoyed 90 percent of the screen” in the movie. Its owner was a guy from Nashville who said his father bought it for $6,000. The car was actually used as a family car until 1980. In 1977, Steve McQueen wanted to buy it but the owners said no. Restoration on the car began in 2001.

The writer said: “… this Mustang is heavily ‘patinated,’ but we’re practically inhaling Steve McQueen here.”

A full rebuild of that original began in 2014 and the car is now worth $3.8 million.

Little-known facts: Steve McQueen picked out the Mustang for the movie. There were two of them and one was lost in Mexico somehow.

More Mustang please

Henry Ford II and Lee Iacocca introduced the Ford Mustang in 1964. Fifty years later, the car was celebrated by introducing a special edition.

The Limited-Edition 2019 Mustang Bullitt was introduced in the summer of 2018. It was the third generation of the Bullitt. The other two were sold in 2001 and in 2008.

This 2019 model has a 5.0-litre V8 engine. It delivers 475 horsepower and the only transmission offered (like the original) is a six speed, with a cue-ball topped shifter. Car and Driver magazine touts it being “ the best all-round Mustang for sale today.”

I personally don’t care for manual transmission, but I’m not driving this and from what I understand, it’s like a sin to even suggest an automatic transmission on this pony. This pony you jump on and ride. Fast.

Other perked up specs on the new “Bullitt,” are bigger brakes, upgraded suspension (for those high jumps and car chases), black magnesium wheels – all dolled up in Highland Green paint color. If you’re more of a trend-setter, you can choose the Shadow Black which is the only other color choice offered.

The interior is way fancier. McQueen wasn’t looking at a 12” LCD digital instrument cluster with “MyColor.” You can match the gauge hues to your mood. Like a mood ring, but one you get in and drive. It’s got a lumbar control power seat, heated and cooled leather-trimmed front seats and a nine-speaker sound system. You do have the option for a Bang and Olufsen 12-speaker system where you can pretend to be Bullitt with the jazzy soundtrack from the movie playing.

You can even play it by voice activation though McQueen would not have asked Alexa or Google for anything.

Be safe out there.