Launched in 1993, local Volkswagen Oktoberfest Car Show keeps pace promoting the ’Dub Life

Two Volkswagen TDIs are parked side by side at the annual VW Oktoberfest at JK Automotive in Summerville Sept. 28 (Jim Parker/Staff 9-28-2013).

Steve Barbieri bought an early model Volkswagen Beetle convertible four years ago, realizing now why there aren’t many left.

Because of exposure to the weather, “They didn’t survive,” he said. Soft tops didn’t always seal tight, allowing the elements to get in.

With his car, the Summerville car enthusiast “completely went through (the convertible) when I got it.” He remembers “a lot of rust.”

Barbieri stuck with the reclamation project. “I had a lot of help from VW enthusiasts,” he says.

The car buff showed his light blue VW Beetle convertible at the 21st annual Oktoberfest Car Show, held Sept. 28 at JK Automotive and Performance in Summerville.

The unusual VW convertible joined about 50 fellow Volkswagens and other air- and water-cooled vehicles at the fest.

While Beetles held down the largest share, the show also sported newer Volkswagen GLI high performance cars, 2000-era station wagons and SUVs, microbuses and examples of The Thing dune buggy style car. A few cars had ’Dub Life stickers, referring to the car’s “Vee Dub” nickname.

Elsewhere, two James Island auto fans parked their VW pickup trucks side by side at the show.

“We had quite a fun car,” says Jim Morris, who displayed a 1968 single cab truck while Larry Lesage showed his 1970 single cab truck. “It’s a good day for it.”

Not far away, Janine Marley of Summerville parked her late model 2013 New Beetle.

“I love the new ones because they have the retro style. They really make it look like the old Beetle,” she says.

Eugene Cottman was one of a handful of auto enthusiasts who showed vehicles other than Volkwagens. He displayed a 1987 Audi Quattro GT.

“I bought it in England,” Cottman said. The specifications are German. “It’s built for the Autobahn,” he said.

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