Two lines of unusual, shiny, top-notch vehicles highlighted a novel Goose Creek show May 5, a spinoff from the annual Battle of the Bands off Howe Hall Road.

While not a battle of the cars, the sedan and coupes on hand as well as a smattering of pickups attracted numerous enthusiasts May 5 to Jammin the Creek - Spring Fling.  

"For a first-time show, it's competitive," said Mitchell Almond, who brought his 46-year-old canary yellow Camaro Z28 to the show, sponsored by American Legion Post 166. He spent years running dragsters. "I'll always be a hot rodder," Almond said.

Jennifer Beilstein, a volunteer, said the show popped up this year as a sidelight to the American Legion concert. She estimated 50 cars in attendance although some car buffs put the total at closer to 70 vehicles.

The show drew a sizable count of Mustangs, Chevelles, Camaros and Corvettes — one with the vanity plate MY96TOY. Mixed in were uncommon models such as a 1927 Model T Ford, 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air — rare compared with the ubiquitous 54-57 models — and a 1955 DeSoto, comparable in its day to Cadillacs.

"This car (the DeSoto) was driven by Antonia Bandaras in the movie the Mambo Kings. This car has been kept in original condition except for the carpet and brakes: 38,000 original miles," according to a sign in front of the car from owners Julie Franks and Al Wenzel.

Car fans came away from the show with generally pleased reactions.

"It's pretty neat," said Walter Banks, who arrived in his two year-old instant classic Mustang Shelby GT358.

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