British motoring get-together, planned as monthly event, enjoys regal debut

The first British Car Club monthly motoring get-together took place May 9 at Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park. Among the cars on hand was this Mini Moke belonging to Gordon King (second from right). He’s with (from left) fellow British car enthusiasts Mark Bennett, Jack Lambert and Wray Lemke.

The cruise-in lineup May 9 sported a Lotus, more than one Jaguar and yes, an Aston Martin. James Bond would have been proud.

Not bad for a last-minute bid of sorts to spiff up the monthly gathering of the British Car Club of Charleston, where members eat and talk about the business of the club.

“We are trying to shake up the meetings (and) get more lively, not sitting in a restaurant,” said Irene Breland, an active British Car Club of Charleston member who brought her 1967 Triumph TR-4A. “We are about cars,” she said.

The first “Motorcar Morning” held at Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park drew a decent number. “We had maybe 20 cars or something,” said Wray Lemke, one of the participating club members.

Diane Lambert, who headed the effort to host the event, explained the cruise-in in a release as a chance for British car enthusiasts to gather for a couple of hours to kick tires, tell tales and share experiences about their “Brit beauties.”

According to her husband Jack Lambert, who drove up in an MGB roadster, “People seem to like it.”

Despite the examples of British motoring luxury, the car that brought a crowd, at least for a while, was Gordon King’s reproduction Austin Mini Moke, a small, open convertible that could be described as a “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” version of a Jeep Wrangler.

Car buff Mark Bennett, too, rolled up in a Mini Moke, his an original 1975 model.

Plans call for the “Motorcar Morning” to be a regular monthly feature. For more information and photos, visit

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