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A 1984 Lotus Esprit was on hand at the Cars and Coffee cruise-in Feb. 7 in Mount Pleasant (Provided).

Pressure gauge versions of the puffy animated Michelin logo went around the world, or the equivalent, thousands of times in less than 100 days.

The “remarkable journey” involved a nationwide geocaching contest marking the tire maker’s 125th anniversary as a global company, its North American operations noted in a report on 3BL Media.

The Michelin Man covered 1.3 million miles on five continents, according to Greenville-based Michelin North America.

It was part of “Michelin’s Quest for Adventure,” which started with an open invitation for geocachers to request and then place trackable tire pressure gauges shaped like the company’s iconic Michelin Man, the company said.

Michelin partnered with Geocaching HQ to kick off a nationwide photo contest. Geocaching — sort of a high-tech version of a scavenger hunt — “boasts a community of over 10 million players worldwide,” according to Michelin.

The pursuit is described as “an outdoor recreational activity, in which the participants use a GPS or smartphone to hide and seek containers, called ‘geocaches’ or ‘caches,’ anywhere in the world.”

Over four months, the Michelin Man pressure gauges traveled to 44 countries and visited landmarks in New York, Paris, Chicago, Seattle and San Antonio.

Participants entered the contest by submitting photos of their adventures with the Michelin Man on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Michelin received more than 1,000 photos.

“When the Michelin brothers started the company 125 years ago, they envisioned that sustainable and reliable mobility were the keys to discovery, adventure and freedom,” said Jennifer Smith, director of brands for Michelin North America Inc. “In this digital era, geocaching helps keep the spirit of exploration alive — whether around your neighborhood or around the globe. It was an ideal match for us,” she said.

“The Michelin campaign delivered one of the most widely embraced branded campaigns in recent memory,” said Bryan Roth, cofounder of 14-year-old Geocaching HQ. “This promotion generated huge excitement among geocachers which is clear from the creativity and content we witnessed from their photos,” he said.

The Michelin Man pressure gauges will continue to travel around the world and their journeys will continue to be recorded online, the tire company said.

The geocaching contest awarded a set of Michelin tires to the 10 most creative, adventure-inspired photos and then is letting the public decide the grand prize winner.

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A photo caption associated with the Mount Pleasant Cars and Coffee memorial cruise article in the Feb. 13 Automotive section contained an error. A red sports car was misidentified as a Triumph. It’s a 1984 Lotus Esprit. The Post and Courier regrets the error.