Auto Briefs

Bobby Degregrio (left) shakes hands with general manager Dale Holland after winning a free 1998 Toyota Camry in a drawing at the Summerville used car dealership recently (Provided).

According to Google, the expression "The best things in life are free" is considered an American proverb. In other words, the saying is well known but nobody has a clue who said it first.

Bobby Degregrio didn't, but he may be among the many people who have thought it's an appropriate phrase, especially after what happened to him this week.

Degregrio won a free car, more precisely a 1998 Toyota Camry. His name was chosen in a promotional drawing at Hoover Car and Truck Center in Summerville.

Dale Holland, general manager of the 14-month-old used car sales center, announced the winner and shook hands with him.

A quick check of Kelley Blue Book's website shows that a middle trim '98 Camry in good condition with 160,000 miles and a few extras would sell to a private party for an estimated $2,143.