Antique auto club chapter looks to build following at new Summerville site

This classic 1940 Ford Pickup truck with black implement paint belongs to Billy Boan of North Charleston. He took part in the Charleston-Lowcountry Region Antique Automobile Club of America car show June 24 in Summerville.

A lagging early turnout at the AACA car show gave Norma Callahan a rare treat, time to relax in the shade behind the driver’s seat of her vintage 1964 Chevrolet Corvair.

“I usually register the people. I didn’t have to,” she said.

Callahan, who also brought a 1967 Corvair hardtop that advertises the monthly show at Car Pros Plaza in Summerville, can be forgiven for taking a break just this once.

“I’m 85 years old,” she said.

The car enthusiast was among a fairly sparse group to take part in the Charleston-Lowcountry region of the Antique Automobile Club of America show on June. Another day of 90 degree temperatures on top of the threat of rain in Dorchester County reduced the numbers, although a few more cars and show goers trickled in later in the 6-8:30 p.m. event.

The club changed its show venue to the Summerville locale last month and drew 40 vehicles. The June 24 count was maybe half that many. But the cruise-up didn’t lack for variety.

Jamie and Sunny Britt arrived in a 2011 Nissan 370Z Nismo, the brand’s high performance marque. Jamie Britt said the special label attracted him to the car. “The fact that it’s a Nismo, a rarity, only 600-700 made it to the States. I don’t see many on the road,” he said. His wife Sunny Britt had a slightly different take on why they bought that exact model. “When we were looking, I liked this the best,” she said with a laugh.

Bob “Pops” Turner parked his white 1964 Chevelle 300 two-door with 355-cubic-inch engine toward a corner of the plaza’s parking lot. He said the four-speed manual transmission shows off at least one high-end feature, aftermarket Ridler brand wheels.

Across the way, Sangaree car buff Jim Roettger displayed his red 1985 Corvette sports car. “I love Corvettes,” he said. The tweaked engine gets 25-30 extra horespower, he said, while acknowledging, “My speed days are over.”

Roettger, an active member of the AACA chapter, says the show’s new spot at the corner of Old Trolley and Miles roads “should work out, especially based on last month.”

Among the stragglers to the mid-week show was a work-in-progress 1959 Ford Galaxie with a vintage 1974-75 front license plate from Chihuahua, Mexico.

Nearby, Ernie Drutjons and his wife Carol listened to period music beside their pristine 1935 Ford Phaeton. “I don’t attract people,” Drutjons deadpanned. “The car does.”

One of the earlier arrivals, Bobby Sarine presented his 2012 Mustang GT500. “I’ve had Mustangs from Vietnam (days in the ’60s). That’s when I bought my first one.”

Sarine, of Summerville, said he’s had seven of the Ford pony cars in all. “It’s just a fun car to drive,” he said.

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