American classics take center stage at Lowcountry Travelers annual car show

This orange Plymouth with “Slick 41” license plate was on display at the annual Lowcountry Travelers car show Sept. 29 at the Walmart at Wando Crossing (Jim Parker/Staff 9-29-2012).


The Post and Courier

Remember when Detroit wheels ruled the road, whether Ford or Chevy, Cadillac or Buick, Plymouth or Oldsmobile?

Those models were predominant last Saturday at the Wando Crossing Walmart parking lot in Mount Pleasant. It was the yearly Lowcountry Travelers car show, which attracts its share of classics from an earlier generation. There were 40-year-old Mustangs, Bel-Airs from the ’50s, original Camaros, Eldorados.

In Anthony Rivers’ case, it was a 1971 Buick GS convertible that revved him up. He’s labored over the streamlined edition since early 2009. “I’m a Buick man; I wouldn’t have anything else,” the car enthusiast from Ladson said.

Rivers joined an extra large contingent at the Sept. 29 show. “We had a good turnout, a little higher than normal,” said James Myers, treasurer of Lowcountry Travelers car club. Boosting the totals was a sizable showing from the Columbia-based Midlands Cruisers, such as William J, Mack’s lime-green 1965 Impala convertible. Cars came from as far as Atlanta, he said.

One reason for the big crowd: “I guess because we donate the money to the MUSC Children’s Hospital,” Myers said. Also, the site by Walmart off U.S. Highway 17 east of the Cooper has “always been a good spot.”

It’s not that vintage American cars were the only vehicles on the scene. There were a number of modern day muscle cars, ’80s editions with oversized rims, full-sized trucks, a few imports. But the Motown classics played a lead role.

John Govani of Bonneau said it took him “six or seven years” to land a black 1952 Chevrolet, something of a rarity compared with the 1955-57 Chevys.

“There’s not many of these models around and with the hard top,” said the collector, who is particularly pleased with the car’s performance. The 60-year-old Chevrolet, he said, “rides like a Cadillac.”

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