'Slash and burn' campaign forecast

President Barack Obama attended a fundraiser in Chicago on Wednesday night on the eve of his 50th birthday. Economic woes cast a shadow over his re-election campaign.

HAMLIN BEACH — Authorities on Thursday seized two horses from an overgrown field, including a mare that officials say was weak and some 200 pounds underweight.

Charleston County sheriff's deputies said they took the horses into protective custody after they were discovered tethered in the field behind a house at 2677 Mercury Road, about five miles north of Mount Pleasant.

Neither horse had food or water, authorities said.

The mare was lying on the ground and unresponsive when they found her, according to Liz Leoncavallo, a volunteer with LEARN, which stands for Livestock & Equine Awareness and Rescue Network. The organization was contacted by the sheriff's office.

"We gave her some water, rinsed her down and got her into the shade," Leoncavallo said. "It's a hot day and they have no access to food or water. It's not going to be a good outcome for them to stay like that."

She said it took about 30 minutes for the horse to gain the strength to walk to a trailer. The mare and the male horse will both be taken into care for rehabilitation, she said.

The horses' owner was not present at the scene. A man staying at the house in front of the field, who declined to be identified, said the property owner allowed the horses' owner to keep the horses in the field. He said the owner, who he knew only as "Ben," was out at the field every day after work, feeding and watering the horses.

The sheriff's office has not announced any charges in connection with the horses as of Thursday afternoon.