Your city life photos are up; we want your black and white photography next week

By Christine Stadum: Photo was taken this morning, January 18th, from the Glazed Gourmet Doughnut Shop on King Street as the Charleston Marathon runners ran by. It was shot about 8:45 AM with my iPhone.

Congratulations to Christine Stadum. Her city life photo from King Street will appear in Saturday's edition of The Post and Courier.

Make sure you read the People section Saturday to find out what the editors liked most.

Overall, we had 11 photos this week with a good cross-section of the Charleston landscape and people moving about the streets. Thanks again to everyone who participated.

We're pretty excited about next week's assignment: Black and white photography.

The rules:

- Send just one (1) photograph to by noon on Tuesday, Jan. 28. Include your name, town and where the photo was taken. If you send us multiple photos we will select one randomly.

- If you want your photo to be eligible to run in the newspaper, it must be at least 1,500 pixels. Our editors will select which photo will appear each week. We reserve the right to not publish any photo for any reason.

- We will allow photographs with reasonable watermarks to run in the gallery but for the winning photo that runs in the newspaper we must have a photo that does not have a watermark. If you want to send us one with the watermark (to run online) and one without (to possibly run in the newspaper) please feel free.

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