Who stole a lifeguard chair from Isle of Palms County Park, and why?

Charleston County Parks and Recreation has posted this missing sign on its Facebook and Twitter accounts in hopes of finding the missing chair.

The only question more perplexing than who would steal an 8-foot-tall, 300-pound lifeguard chair from Isle of Palms County Park Sunday morning is why?

It remains a mystery today as Charleston County Parks is using social media to ask the public to help return it. No questions asked. "We'd just like our chair back," says the "Missing" poster posted on the parks' Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The chair was last seen chained to a 'No Swimming' sign. According to the department's Facebook page, staff followed the tracks in the sand to the public access point at 21st Avenue. It's possible it was loaded onto a vehicle from there.

Anyone with information about either is asked to call the department at (843) 886-3863.