A West Ashley woman left her two young children alone for several hours with nothing to eat, while a kitchen knife and hammer lay amid the clutter that covered every floor, according to deputies who arrested her Sunday.

Megan Louis Grady, 42, of Erskine Avenue, a nurse at St. Francis Hospital, is charged with two counts of unlawful conduct toward a child, according to the incident report from the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office.

The children are 7 and 9.

The children’s father, who lives in Moncks Corner, called deputies after the children called him to say they were hungry and their mother had been gone several hours and wouldn’t answer her cell phone, according to the report. Deputies arrived about 7 p.m. to find the mother had been gone for more than three hours.

The report described the interior of the house as “total disarray,” with every floor “completely covered with junk, including a kitchen knife and hammer on the living room floor.” The kitchen was “completely unsanitary, dirty dishes throughout,” with no edible food in the refrigerator. No sheets were on the children’s beds, and dirty clothes were scattered everywhere.

A deputy brought in some food, observing that “the children hovered over the food and ate food as if they had not eaten in several days.”

Grady came home later, smelling of alcohol with slurred speech, and said she was at a friend’s house around the corner, according to the report. A neighbor told deputies Grady often leaves her children home alone.

The children were taken into custody by the Department of Social Services.

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