SUMMERVILLE —‑ More than two dozen Weatherstone residents helped pack a crowded Town Council chamber on Wednesday. More than a dozen spoke to oppose the town extending a dead-end spur road in their sprawling subdivision, leading through crime-troubled neighborhoods to U.S. 78.

The petition they brought carried more than 450 names.

But they didn’t get the road stopped, as they did in a similar effort three years ago. What they got was a promise from Mayor Bill Collins that the town would reconsider.

Collins said later he would talk with staff and the town engineer about possible options. Town Council in August approved opening the road for public safety access during emergencies. But residents were not notified first, unlike when the opening was proposed three years ago. Town officials later told residents that if the road caused traffic or crime issues, they would block it off to be used only for emergencies.

“I really don’t want the reason you close that road as quickly as you open it to be one of my children was hit by a car,” resident Tiffany Hogue told council.

Council sat quietly attentive during a long public comment session. Weatherstone residents were joined by residents in the Magnolia Street historic neighborhood, who appealed for more traffic controls, and residents in the troubled Robynwyn neighborhood who asked police to give the community justice and closure by solving murders that took place in 2003 and 2012. The Robynwyn neighborhood adjoins the neighborhood the Weatherstone access road would connect.

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