Watching your Winter Weight

All the celebrations and feasts over the holidays can bring extra pounds that many resolve to lose in the new year.

The recent change of seasons doesn't just mean colder temperatures and shorter days. It means oversized clothes that cover trouble spots, and meals that deliver comfort and warmth. Both of which are known to yield winter weight gain.

During the summer, our bodies are more of a focus. We're wearing fewer clothes, we want to feel comfortable taking the kids to the beach or pool, and our appetites are decreased. High temperatures are the reason we crave lighter fare such as fish, grilled chicken and salads.

But falling temperatures (like the ones we saw this week) changes it all. In an effort to keep our bodies warm, our metabolism is increased. That's all great, except that it also boosts our hunger sensors. We want more food and we want food that fills.

Suddenly, heavy meals such as lasagna, beef stroganoff and baked potatoes smothered in chili and cheese make their way to the dinner table. Not that anyone is complaining, because let's face it, those foods are amazing.

But combine those comfort meals with sweaters and comfortable leggings and you're suddenly outlining a weight loss resolution for the new year.

But you and your family can start right away feeling better than ever. Follow these five tips to stay looking fabulous this winter.

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