Three Walterboro teens who reported being kidnapped at gunpoint in an attempted rape have now been charged with filing a false report, police said.

A 15-year-old and two 13-year-olds on Saturday told officers a story that included them being forced into a car at gunpoint and driven from the Edisto Terrace apartment complex, 180 Mabel T. Wills Blvd.

A man tried to rape one of the girls, the teens told police, but she managed to fight him off.

The story ended with the attacker dropping the teens off at a Walmart parking lot and fleeing the scene. Surveillance video from the apartment complex and the store revealed inconsistencies in the teens’ story, police said.

Police questioned the girls again.

They confessed to going to a party that night and admitted making up the story to avoid getting into trouble, police said.

Police have not identified the teens. All three girls are being charged with filing a false report, police said.