Walter Scott shooting video stirs up strong feelings on social media

Samuel Scott holds a photograph of his cousin Walter Scott (right) pictured with loved ones. Walter Scott was reportedly killed during a traffic stop Saturday by a North Charleston Officer.

Walter Scott was fatally shot Saturday by North Charleston police officer Michael Thomas Slager.

Slager said Monday that he felt threatened by Scott after stopping the 50-year-old for a broken brake light. Slager said the stop turned into a foot chase and that Scott attempted to wrestle a Taser away from the officer.

But a video released Tuesday raised questions about the officer's story. The video shows Slager firing his gun eight times as Scott ran away.

Slager is now in custody facing murder charges in the fatal shooting of Scott, a Coast Guard veteran and father of four.

Following the release of the video Tuesday, people from across the country and around the world reacted on social media. Feelings seem to range from outrage that the shooting happened at all to relief that Slager has been charged with murder.

Below is a sampling of posts.