Victim's brother: 'We don't advocate violence, we advocate change'

Anthony Scott, a brother of Walter Scott, answered questions from the media crowded around the carport of his parents' West Ashley home on Tuesday. Walter Scott was shot and killed by North Charleston police officer Michael Slager on Saturday.

The family of the man gunned down Saturday by a police officer is glad the truth is out.

“It needs to be known across America what’s going on,” said Anthony Scott, 52. “This is what I hope it serves to the world. I hope they use better judgment and have better training.”

His brother, Walter Scott, 50, was shot at eight times Saturday as he ran away from a North Charleston police officer, a video of the incident obtained by The Post and Courier shows.

“Oh my God, it’s painful. I mean to see your brother get gunned down that way,” Scott said of when he first saw the footage. “Everybody keeps saying that he ran, but after being tasered, I would have probably ran too to get that off me. I would have ran too, but I am sure that he didn’t think that he would have gotten shot.”

He and his other brother, Rodney Scott, 49, agreed that they didn’t mind that the video was made public and said people needed to watch it.

Rodney Scott said family and friends knew all along that the initial story told by police “wasn’t Walter.” North Charleston Patrolman 1st Class Michael Slager’s account is that he and Scott fought over a Taser before he used deadly force.

Slager was arrested and charged with murder after the video was shown to law enforcement.

Rodney Scott said people had been calling the family all day Tuesday to offer their condolences.

“He touched so many lives,” he said of his older brother. “Everybody’s just so hurt.”

He said the video haunts him and he can’t sleep at night.

Anthony Scott said the family is not doing well but is leaning on each other and using faith to get through what happened.

“This will also tie us together,” he said of the large family.

Walter Scott was a father of four and had just proposed to his longtime girlfriend a week before his death. He served two years in the Coast Guard.

Family members have described him as a loving, kind and caring family man who enjoyed sports, particularly the Dallas Cowboys.

“You know, I have two brothers, I had two brothers, but now I have one brother,” Anthony Scott said, getting emotional. “But out of my brothers, out of all of us, he knew everybody, he knew family I didn’t know, he knew friends I didn’t know. He was well-known in the community, everywhere, and he was just an outgoing type of person.”

Anthony Scott said moving forward, the most he can hope for is that the charge against Slager stick. Both brothers said they hope other families don’t have to go through what they’ve gone through, and that Walter Scott would have been glad his death could help others.

When asked if he could say anything to his brother after his death, Anthony Scott replied simply, “I miss you.”

He added that he hopes for peace in the community and across the world even after people view the video of the shooting.

“We don’t advocate violence, we advocate change.”

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