Tweets critical of Berkeley were made in jest, says spokesman for CARTA

A screen grab of tweets by CARTA spokesman Daniel Brock.

A few tweets from a spokesman for CARTA prompted a backlash in Berkeley County and an apology.

Daniel Brock, a Rawle Murdy employee, said Thursday that he was sorry about the comments he made Tuesday night on his personal Twitter account. The firm has a contract with CARTA for public relations.

Brock said that his remarks about county events were made in jest. “It was my attempt at a humorous take on community news and politics, and certainly not undertaken in malice,” he said in an emailed statement.

A screen shot of five Brock tweets were posted on the county Republican Party Facebook page on Thursday. They included:

“Bungled county leadership changes? Sure! #Bezerkeley.

“Who’s up for a decade-long legal battle over a hospital? #Bezerkeley.

“When it comes to crazy, Berkeley County is the Florida of the Lowcountry.”

County Councilman Tommy Newell at first told The Post and Courier that he did not accept Brock’s written apology because it did not go far enough. Later, Newell said he accepted the apology after speaking with Brock on the phone. Attorney Josh Whitley said that he also accepted Brock’s apology. Brock said he also apologized to county Supervisor Bill Peagler.

Brock said that he understood the tweets could be viewed as insensitive when taken out of their humorous context. That was not his intent, he said.

“I apologize to anyone I offended, especially the citizens of Berkeley County, and I will be more considerate in the future,” he said, adding that the tweets were “poor jokes” and not representative of CARTA.

CARTA Board Chairman Elliott Summey said he’s the official spokesman for the authority. “We think the world of Berkeley County,” he said.

Summey said that he had known Brock a long time. “He’s a good boy,” Summey said.

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