Trees cut to make way for North Charleston apartments

Heavy machinery removes trees on the site where the Factory at Garco will be built in North Charleston.

North Charleston resident Tim Halloran knew his Chateau Avenue home was across from a planned apartment community when he bought it, but he expected the apartment complex to be a “cool, green development.”

So he was dismayed Monday to see several grand trees knocked down to make way for the 217 planned apartments at the Factory at Garco, which are planned to open in Summer 2016, Halloran said.

“I bought the house specifically because I thought it would be a good spot for change,” he said. He expected the development to include green space. “They are beautiful oaks that I thought were protected, but it looks like this is going to be another North Charleston development where they are going to clear-cut.”

The Beach Co. had permission to remove the trees, said spokeswoman Karen Bacot. She referred questions about the development agreement between the company and North Charleston to city officials.

As part of its mitigation program, the company is required to pay $50,000 to North Charleston’s tree-replacement fund and donate a 6.4-acre “heavily wooded tree save area” adjacent to the development, according to North Charleston spokesman Ryan Johnson.

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