Town hopes to improve communication, participation

The town of Mount Pleasant has begun a survey to collect residents’ preferences and opinions about public participation.

MOUNT PLEASANT — As the nature of media continues to shift, town officials here are trying to do what they can to keep in touch with those they govern.

On Friday, the town kicked off a survey to collect residents’ preferences and opinions about public participation.

The online survey will remain available at the town’s website,, until July 5 and is expected to take most people less than 15 minutes to finish.

Mayor Linda Page said the results will help the town craft its plan to reach out and engage residents on a host of issues.

“We need to hear from our residents and have them take an active role in sharing information, exchanging ideas and helping us develop solutions to issues that will impact both current and future generations,” she said in a statement.

The more people who participate in the town, the more successful it will be, she added. “The problems we face today are more complex than ever before and often require creative solutions involving multiple partners.”

Page already holds monthly informal coffees around town to talk with residents who might not otherwise bother to share their thoughts or concerns. Her next such event is Monday at Page’s Okra Grill, 302 Coleman Blvd.

Town Administrator Eric DeMoura also holds occasional office hours at town buildings outside Town Hall. DeMoura said the survey will help build upon those efforts and improve communication.

The survey is administered by the College of Charleston’s Joseph P. Riley Jr. Institute for Livable Communities, and those who prefer to respond by phone may call the center at 953-6100.

Reach Robert Behre at 937-5771.