Toby the grey parrot still missing

Toby, an African grey parrot, flew away from his Mount Pleasant home on May 3.

Toby, the African grey parrot that flew the coop from his Mount Pleasant digs in May, remains free as a, well, bird.

His owner, Marty Villafranca, is offering a $1,500 reward for his return.

"She's still putting out fliers," said John Villafranca of his wife. "She has them mass-produced by the thousands. Landscapers remove them and she follows them around putting them back up."

Toby, who speaks three languages and can mimic a ringing phone and barking dogs, was a part of the Villafrancas life for 20 years before he flew away from their house in Charleston National on May 3 when the sliding door was accidentally left open during a family barbecue.

He was used to hanging around the home and was only kept in a cage at night, Marty Villafranca told The Post and Courier in June.

She has looked for him every day and spotted him once in mid-June, but he was scared off by thunder before she could get him.

He was seen as recently as last week in the Darrell Creek and Park West area, John Villafranca said.

"One man had him in the garage, but he thought it was an owl," he said. "At least he's being seen here locally, so that's a good thing. We've got his cages out on the lawn, front and back, hoping he'll fly over and recognize them. What can we do other than keep trying?"

Villafranca said anyone who sees Toby could try to get the parrot to land on a stick. He won't land on a finger or hand, he said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Villafrancas at 270-0999.

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