The Citadel’s Boo gives birth to seven puppies July 4

Boo X, The Citadel’s mascot, gave birth to seven English bulldog puppies on the Fourth of July. Five of the puppies survived.

The Citadel’s mascot, a three-year-old English bulldog named Boo , gave birth to seven puppies on Independence Day.

Sadly, two of the female puppies died — one shortly after her birth and the other later that night. Otherwise, Boo is doing just fine.

“She’s in a super good mood,” said Boo’s caretaker, Mike Groshon, The Citadel’s assistant athletic director for facilities and equipment. “She’s just plain big from all the milk she’s carrying. She looks like a cow. She’s huge!”

West Ashley veterinarian John Bradford delivered Boo’s litter by Caesarean section Monday morning. The surviving puppies — two females and three males — each weigh no more than a pound.

“Everybody is eating fast and furious,” said a sleepless Groshon, who has to help Boo feed her puppies every two hours. The puppies are so small, Groshon keeps them in a separate pen, so their mother doesn’t accidentally roll over and suffocate them.

Their proud father, General II, Boo’s co-mascot, has taken to watching his progeny from the comfort of his recliner.

“He knows he’s not allowed close to the puppies,” Groshon said. “The only thing (Boo’s) growled at is General.”

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