The Bridge Run: By the Numbers

The last time the Cooper River Bridge Run was held on the Grace Memorial Bridge was in 1994 (seen here). Organizers started using the bridge in 1980. The bridge, which was built in the late 1920s, had the steepest grades of the three bridges used for the race.

The number of bridges used for the Cooper River Bridge Run in the past 39 years. Prior to the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, races were held on the Silas N. Pearman Bridge and Grace Memorial Bridge. Both were dismantled in 2005.

Number of finishers in the first Cooper River Bridge Run in 1978.

Bridge Run’s record for finishers, set in 2012.

The record for the most registrants for the Bridge Run, which took place in 2006, for the first race held on the Ravenel Bridge. (Nearly 12,000 people who registered did not participate or cross the finish line).

Fastest time run at the Bridge Run, set by Kenyan James Koskei in 2000.

Fastest time by a female, set by South African Elana Meyer in 1997.

Hottest start of the Bridge Run, set in 1978 (when it began at 10 a.m.)

Coldest start, set in 1987.

The year women became a larger percentage of finishers than men. It coincided with the Bridge Run’s decision to officially count walkers as finishers.

Finish time of the only local male, Marc Embler, to win the Bridge Run (1981)

Finish time of the only local female, Sallie Driggers, to win the race (1982)

Fastest finish time by a local male, Michael Banks, in 2013.

Fastest finish by a local female, Kathy Kanes, in 1994.

Consecutive years that William Boulter, who is now 86, won the Dewey Wise Award, which is given to the oldest finisher who ran a time in minutes lower than his or her age.